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Last update 6/20/2021. (I am slow to update this site; best to contact me for the latest.)

I'm an assistant professor of philosophy at UC Riverside.


I work on philosophy of mind and philosophy of action. I'm particularly interested in fallibility, mistakes, and the metaphysics of powers.


(I have a developing interest in philosophy of psychiatry but have yet to publish in this area.)

I enjoy playing gamelan and games of all kinds.

Pictured at the top is Kyai Tirta Rukmi, the "Venerable Rivers of Gold" central Javanese gamelan at the University of Pittsburgh.

Pictured left is what I think the application of Ockham's Razor looks like in much contemporary academic philosophy. Note how no one usually bothers to explain why you must remove (explanatory) building blocks: it's just the rules of the game. I sound like I am down on it; I do think it's a good intellectual exercise and often hilarious (because disastrous). (Like playing charades with both hands tied behind your back, and your mouth zipped up.)

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